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Multiple evacuations

Case Study

World's First Multiple Patient COVID-19 Intensive Care Evacuation



International SOS coordinated a highly complex evacuation of four intensive care unit (ICU) patients, repatriating the individuals from La Réunion island to Paris. The operation was commissioned by the French Ministry of Health and carried out in collaboration with the SAMU, the emergency medical services in France, the Regional Health Agency, Air Austral and Aéroports de Paris. 


The situation was highly unique and even more complex, with all four patients in an unconscious and intubated-ventilated condition. Medical evacuations, particularly during the pandemic, are complex but this was even more so, requiring an even greater level of care and coordination.


The mission was staffed by the SAMU from Paris and La Réunion. The SAMU provided 5 ICU doctors, 5 ICU nurses, 7 emergency medical technician (EMTs) and 1 logistician. International SOS provided a flight nurse and a logistics expert. They supported the various teams and interfaced with the aircraft crew and the International SOS Paris Assistance Centre.

The International SOS Assistance Centre’s role was to interface with the various SAMUs, the airport and the aircraft, under supervision by the Health Ministry crisis centre, planning for and managing all requirements. Also, a critical aspect was to be able to quickly react in case of the aircraft diversion due to a technical incident, in order to prepare ground support for the patients. 

Due to the severity of the disease, advanced equipment was loaded and installed on the aircraft. This included portable blood analysers, ultrasound machine and 2 ECMO machines (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation), as well as backup ventilators. This represented one ton of medical equipment, along with 9,500 litres of oxygen for each patient.


This is the first time that so many ICU COVID-19 patients have been transported simultaneously on such a long-haul flight. We are very proud to be part of the team that was able to transport the patients safely.