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Emotional support

Case Study

Remote Emotional Support for our Clients Affected by COVID-19



International SOS provided remote emotional support to Zoe. Due to the COVID-19 quarantining and containment measures in China, she was not able to care for her ailing parents.


It was almost two weeks since Zoe last visited her parents. Zoe’s father is physically handicapped, and her mother had been recently hospitalised. Though Zoe’s parents did not pressure her to come home and assist, she knew that they desperately needed her help. Zoe, being in a different city, was feeling very powerless and distressed. This situation was beyond her control and her anxiety and concern grew day by day.


Zoe reached out to us and talked us through the issues she was facing. We were on hand to offer Emotional Support services from a certified counsellor, and delivered this remotely. Through our app, we were able to set up a video-chat with Zoe from the comfort of her own home.


Our counsellor focused on empowering Zoe and determined alternate resources of support for parents, which normalised her concerns. Zoe’s stress levels were certainly reduced after this consultation, as she felt very relieved and reassured.