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Testing & Vaccinations


Vaccines have been developed at an unprecedented rate and our Global Health Advisors are now on hand to add capacity and expertise to your vaccine planning. 

We are supporting multinational organisations looking to ensure business continuity across their global operations as well as the vaccination roll-out efforts of a growing number of national governments.

Whether you are looking for accurate, objective information, need specialist advice, or bespoke programmes to facilitate vaccination administration, we can deliver at scale. Putting in place effective testing and vaccination programmes is key to protecting employees and local populations.

We embed world-class capabilities such as clinical governance, on-site management, global coordination, reporting and analysis, fully-integrated digital tools, escalation management and risk mitigation. 



Our programmes are not only limited to tackling COVID-19; they cover all testing and vaccination requirements, including for seasonal influenza.



We collect, monitor and maintain global and local data in real time in order to share trends, expectations and expert summaries.

Through our global network of medical consultants, we:
  • Provide access to live data through our pandemic website
  • Use bespoke visualization and expert reporting to aid decision-making
  • Deliver e-Learning through our digital learning portfolio



We provide testing and vaccination strategic advice, leveraging local intelligence. Our global health advisors conduct webinars, bespoke training and health promotion campaigns, and offer health expertise. 

Local vaccination data is collected and analysed by our medical and public health consultants. Using the information we:
  • identify priorities and risks 
  • assess trends and provide forecasts
  • provide local intelligence that may not be available in the public record
  • provide information on possibility for employers to actively offer testing and vaccination services to their employees 
  • provide recommendations on running a vaccination programme
  • provide recommendations on running a communication campaign
  • support for employee communications, including webinars, fireside chats, bespoke training, and much more
Supporting you with advice and guidance:

Our global and local end-to-end solutions support: 


  • company testing and vaccination policy development, positioning statements and roll-out plans
  • effective education and briefing campaigns to improve vaccine uptake and counter vaccine hesitancy
  • policy development for return to travel and events
  • health and safety risk assessment matrices
We can help provide specific advice and guidance around maintaining your operations, including:
  • testing and vaccine administration feasibility assessment
  • vaccination programme strategy development
  • support and management of vulnerable employees
  • site-based protocols, processes and auditing to keep your workforce safe, including isolation, quarantine, testing, PPE utilisation and medical supply



We design and manage multi-location testing and vaccination programmes, including digital management, monitoring and certification. Where in-country regulations allow, we procure testing and vaccine supplies, and manage local supply chain logistics.

COVID-19 Mobile Vaccination Programme in Papua New Guinea

Supported by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership, and in cooperation with Papua New Guinea’s Department of Health and Morobe Provincial Health Authority, see how International SOS has administered COVID-19 vaccines in remote locations in Lae as well as delivered onsite health education sessions to address vaccine hesitancy.
  • Programmes for Testing & Vaccination

    Our global network of medical experts ensure a superior programme design. This allows for the safe and seamless coordination and supervision of local testing and vaccination programmes.
  • Service Delivery

    Leveraging our network of local medical sites and network partners, we ensure effective and high-quality testing and vaccine administration, adapted to local regulations and your specific needs.
  • HealthCloud360

    With our HealthCloud360 digital platform, we provide ongoing comprehensive digital workflow management, status monitoring and reporting to inform continuous improvement and drive operational excellence.*
  • Sourcing & Procurement of Vaccines

    International SOS is ready to support you with the sourcing and procurement of testing equipment and vaccines**, including vaccine-associated supplies and medication and temporary medical facilities.

*Each of our solutions is supported by GDPR-compliant technology and systems to ensure we meet all our customers’ data privacy needs.

**If country regulations allow.



Continuous monitoring of the global health context, any regulatory changes, as well as their potential impact on your operations, will enable you to respond and act swiftly.


  • Proven Track Record

    We help you build robust internal systems and best-in-class programmes to limit risk exposure and enhance employee and community health and wellbeing.
  • Proven Capability

    We are trusted by more than 65% of the Fortune Global 500 companies, as well as mid-sized enterprises, governments, educational institutions and NGOs.
  • Unrivalled Global Footprint

    Gain access to a global network of health and security advisors, with decades of experience across geographies, sectors, and specialisms.
  • Delivering on Your Investment

    We are unrivalled in providing data-driven health and security risk advisory and programmes that deliver positive impact.

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