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Security crisis management team

Preparing for and Assisting in Crises

Crisis Management Advisory & Support

Crisis management is a crucial part of achieving resilience for any modern-day organisation. International SOS can support your organisation to better navigate through any stage of a crisis.

Crisis management is a crucial part of achieving resilience for any modern-day organisation. It ensures the organisation is well prepared, can rapidly identify and respond to an emerging crisis, has the right people involved, and information is absorbed and assessed to inform timely decision making.

International SOS can support your organisation to better navigate through the three stages of a crisis.


Thanks to a global footprint, we are able to provide timely and actionable security intelligence, analysis, advice and on-the-ground assistance.

  • 26

    Assistance Centres with integrated security, aviation, medical and wellbeing services

  • 200

    Security experts based in 33 security centres around the world

  • 24/7

    When you require direct, profile-specific advice, our security experts are at your service 24/7.

Pre-crisis: prevent and prepare

  • Optimise Your Preparation

    We help you optimise your preparation through preventative assessments and the development of security risk policies and escalation plans, as well as exercises and training for your leadership, management, and workforce. Our 200 security experts, based in our 33 Security Centres around the world, provide you with tailored solutions reflecting your requirements, organisational size, and location.
  • Prepare and Protect Your Activities

    We prepare and protect your activities from both the expected and the unexpected, via specialist notification, insight and analysis. Our alerts, reports, and forecasts are underpinned by our robust intelligence cycle and integrated intelligence and Assistance planning processes, assuring the best-in-class speed, accuracy and quality.

During Crisis: Respond

  • Actionable Insights and Assistance

    Health and security risks most often come hand in hand. With International SOS, you have one point of contact for all issues concerning workforce resilience. We provide immediate advice and end-to-end assistance in security, logistical and medical crises, all informed by in-depth operational planning and location insight and expertise.
  • Supported by Technology

    Our latest technology solutions for location monitoring and communication with your workforce enable you to identify key risks and prioritise your response, while managing the safety and security of your entire workforce.


A quick recovery from crises helps you maintain business continuity and reinforce stability. Consolidation of your existing measures, and enhancements to processes developed during the crisis, helps build resilience in response to future crises. We provide practical solutions to strengthen the effectiveness of your crisis management structure.

For more details, read Workforce Resilience services and Crisis Management Gap Analysis.

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