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International SOS in Russia: our Capabilities

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Since 1998 International SOS assistance services, on-the-ground medical and security services, and managed health care solutions linked in with our global capabilities allow us to deliver leading workforce resilience solutions for organisations operating across Russia.

Our resources in Russia are ISO 9001:2015 certified and include a 24/7 Assistance Centre in Moscow, an International SOS medical clinic on Sakhalin Island and over 55 remote site projects stretching across the entire country, including the Arctic and Russia Far East. Our clients come from a range of industries - energy, mining and infrastructure, banking and finance, automotive, consumer goods, pharma, aviation and maritime, government and public sector, and non-governmental organisations. 

Our remote site services include:

  • Assistance to national workforce travelling or based outside of Russia and to international assignees living or travelling in Russia. The services are available in Russian, English, German, and French. 
  • Medical staffing – provision of highly qualified national and international medical staff for long- or short-term positions
  • Specialised medical consulting services – to assess medical risks and evaluate local healthcare facilities to develop a medical management plan for the location
  • First-aid in-class and online trainings and advanced care courses
  • Medical procurement services and equipment rental, up to and including a full site clinic
  • Medical management and cost containment 
  • Security services and consulting

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Assistance Centres



    7/1 Militseiskaya Street


    Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12noon

    For over 15 years International SOS Sakhalin Clinic supports our clients’ national workforce and international assignees located in remote regions of Russia Far East.

    Staffed by international and national specialists and doctors trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and International Trauma Life Support, we ensure that our subscribers receive the levels of care which they are accustomed to. Conveniently located in the city centre of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the clinic provides general practice and specialists medical care as well as emergency services, available 24/7 and supported by a fully equipped emergency room, advanced life support ground ambulances with access to International SOS air ambulance evacuation services.

    International SOS Sakhalin Clinic supports International standards of medical care as:

    • It is the only ISO 9001:2015 accredited clinic on the island;
    • It is the only clinic offering an international medical consultant who works closely with our highly trained national medical team;
    • Our national staff has been recruited from the best local medical facilities and have undergone extensive training by International SOS;
    • It is the only medical evacuation provider on the island and is linked to 27 Assistance Centres strategically located around the world facilitating worldwide care in 100 languages.

    By using an International SOS facility or accessing service providers through the International SOS Provider Network, you receive recommended referrals, qualified information and oversight based on our regular dealings with local and international providers. 

    Other services

    With the clinic having been established as a medical centre of excellence hub for treatment, referral or evacuation, these services have been expanded over time to cover: 

    • Integrated medical site solutions: Turnkey solutions for clients covering remote site medical staffing, equipment, pharmaceutical supply, licensing, country regulatory compliance, referral and evacuation services;
    • Specialised Consulting services: Providing risk assessments, health and security plans including implementation from project assessment and commissioning through to production and decommissioning, for both short and long term projects;
    • Occupations Health programs complying to Russian legislation and aligned with company Corporate standards;
    • Emergency response planning including certified American Heart Association first aid training and related equipment, first aid online training course.

    With 30 years’ experience around the world and 15 years on Sakhalin Island we have become the medical assistance partner of choice for major International and National joint venture oil companies and we deliver turnkey medical solutions to over 20 remote site installations, onshore and offshore.

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    16/1 Dokukina str.

    4th floor


    129 226

    If you are an existing client with a medical or security question/concern, please call our Moscow Assistance Centre on + 7495 937 64 77

    7/1 Militseiskaya Street




    If you are an existing client with a medical or security question/concern, please call our Moscow Assistance Centre on +7495 937 64 77