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Domestic female traveller covid

Case Study

Support to a Domestic Business Traveller Who Fell Ill During a Trip Due COVID-19

International SOS provided domestic travel support to Andrés who was diagnosed with COVID-19 and fell ill while returning home to Barcelona, from Madrid, Spain.



Andrés was travelling on business in Madrid and was diagnosed with COVID-19. He was about to drive home to Barcelona but collapsed at the car park as he fell ill from COVID-19. The hotel that he had stayed in the night before would not accommodate him because of infection fear. Our client was very concerned. Andrés was alone on the business trip and had no one locally to support him.


After communicating with our client, we immediately provided an interim solution. We were able to locate a hotel who would accept him despite his diagnosis. Then, we organised a taxi transfer to the hotel. We kept in contact with Andrés and ensured that his meals were delivered straight to his room. This way, he could fully isolate. We continued to monitor his condition and provided a medical transfer back home. Therefore, if something was to happen on route, he could receive help instantly.


Had we not assisted Andrés , he would have been stranded without accommodation in Madrid and could have tried to drive himself home or taken a normal taxi for the 6-hour journey home, with potentially serious consequences.